Dec. 4, 2011: Let the Michigan State-Michigan rivalry begin

This is not another the BCS is flawed story. But if you want to read a good one on MSU and why Spartans everywhere feel jaded today, go read Drew Sharp’s column, Joe Rexrode’s column or Roger Groves’ column.

In the past two days or so, the hate spewing from those fans of “the university of whatever” or “that school down the road” was alarming. The response from Michigan State fans was equally poor, at times. Rivalries aren’t about being polite or compassionate, but this was different.

The social media world took off with hate toward Michigan State and laughing at its loss against Wisconsin. The Michigan State side lashed out with the chip on its shoulder that Michigan doesn’t deserve a BCS bid, which is true, but is unchanging nonetheless.

A friend of mine, Chris Vannini, did a great job of talking about all this here.

Fact is, and this will be hashed out until the teams meet in Ann Arbor next season, Michigan State is the best team in the state, to dispute this at present time would show ignorance and foolishness. A team who cannot beat its opponent when handed 124 yards in penalties — nor even make the game look close — cannot be considered as better than that team. Only the BCS, not a human, says so.

My personal favorite comment was “Michigan > Michigan State” because the only lifeforms who think that are the person who posted that status and the chimpanzee that runs the BCS by randomly pressing buttons and is rewarded with an apple regardless of his performance.

Five years ago, who would have thought their fans would be giddy about being given an at-large bid to the BCS not because of merit, but because they can sell tickets. If that’s an accomplishment, forgive me for not understanding what a real accomplishment is (must be because I go to MSU and therefore cannot understand things as complicated as that.)

What Michael Hart hath started, let no man put to death.

This blog is named for a comment that all Michigan State fans know was made by Michael Hart after Michigan beat Michigan State in East Lansing on Nov. 3, 2007. Michigan State was leading the game 21-14 late, but Michigan scored 14 points in the fourth to come back and win 28-14. This is what Hart had to say in his postgame interview. That day, the rivalry broke open shortly after the game ended.

Well, I have embraced the nickname and thus, this blog is titled “The Little Brother Blog.” Fact is, I kind of like being the Little Brother that gets up when it is knocked down and punches back.

Strangely enough, Hart reopened his mouth via his Twitter after Michigan State lost to Wisconsin with this:

Michigan State offensive lineman Jared McGaha replied with this tweet:

Hart strikes again, and this tme around, the rivalry kicked up on Dec. 4, when the bowls were announced and MSU fans had to accept what it knew was inevitable after losing to Wisconsin: Michigan went to the BCS, and we did not.

Let the back-and-forth of a storied rivalry begin.

SpartanDawgs action on Twitter

“But just kno this, when we bring home Paul Bunyon next year he will graduate as a 5th year senior…MSU>UM anyday of the week” — Le’Veon Bell

“Michigan sucks and we will prove it every year” — Tony Lippett

“Let them hate. We beat them. We were in the BigTen championship and they weren’t. Enough said. They got lucky.” — Nick Hill

“Like my man said it the division champs played in the game yesterday not the team that got second in it. #4inarow” — Nick Hill


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  1. I’m just surprised Hart can afford an iPhone.

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