Narduzzi staying in East Lansing!!!

After speculation MSU defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi could be headed to Texas A&M in a lateral move — accepting the same position — it turns out he will be staying at Michigan State  for at least another year.

Narduzzi was heavily courted by Texas A&M’s new coach Kevin Sumlin to become his DC, and was rumored to offer as much as $750K to try and lure him in.

Athletic director Mark Hollis said this on his twitter, “Providing our student-athletes with the best coaching staff & leaders is my responsibility. Appreciate Coach D and all that he gives to MSU.”

He also added this, “Great to have Coach Narduzzi at MSU. He is ready to be a head coach at a big time program. That will be his next move. He is all Spartan.”

Narduzzi and Mark Dantonio released a statement on

“I share the same feelings that our players and coaches have that there’s some unfinished business to take care of here. We’re all driven to win the Big Ten Championship and win a Rose Bowl,” Narduzzi said.

The release from Michigan State is available here.

No word on how much Narduzzi will be making at Michigan State with the latest developments. His initial raise was going to bring him to about $300K, but it now could be up closer to $500K.

Good sign from the athletic department after what I wrote earlier today, “Support from President Simon and our BOT has been locked in. We are on the same page in the direction of our Athletic Department.” — Mark Hollis


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