Reader Responses to the 2011 season

I asked you on twitter, facebook and in my season wrap-up post to tell me what the 2011 season/team meant to you.

Here are the responses I received:

“It means that we are the cream of the crop in the Big Ten. We have validated ourselves and Dantonio has done great things” — hicksoldier

“as a Spartan alum out of state, it was great to see our university represented well, and winning, on a national level.” — chrisandrewsCDA

“This is the first season I believed the expectation of going to the Rose Bowl is not completely unreasonable.” — SpartanBDF

“The team meant a new era of MSU football to me filled with players from Coach D’s first 2 classes and left the winningest class!” — CrawDaddy222

“This season was another step forward. Shows that MSU is continuing to grow and shed the same old Spartans mentality.” — blpianoman

“This year I was proud to be a Spartan. We have been up and down forever, never winning even 9 games in a row since 1965 & 1966. Putting up 11 wins with a tough schedule, when no one expected it, means we have turned the corner on the field. Watching the team take on Cousins’ persona and listening to him speak, I was proud to see us turn the corner off the field as well. We can now finally bid good riddance to “Sparty No”, “SOS” and seeing players police mugshots. Dantonio is joining Izzo in running the kind of program the entire spartan nation can get behind, soon I will not be the only one in the neighborhood with a big neon S in the yard.” — icd8u


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