Four Spartans on first round of invites to NFL Combine

CBS Sports reported a preliminary list of players invited to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

To date, the Spartans invited are:

Kirk Cousins

B.J. Cunningham

Keshawn Martin

Trenton Robinson

The post does say this is the first list of two prepared before the Combine and includes only senior prospects. The NFL will complete its list of underclassmen entries and this will increase the list including those early entries, as well as some more seniors who impress during senior all-star games.

So expect Jerel Worthy’s name to be on this list. Edwin Baker will have an outside shot at receiving an invite as an underclassmen as well.

For Keith Nichol and Brian Linthicum, their all-star games will be their opportunity to showcase their talents and maybe earn an invite to the Combine, which takes place from Feb. 22-28.

Frankly, I am surprised Linthicum did not get an invite right away as a solid tight end prospect. has Linthicum rated the sixth-best tight end in the draft.

Another name one would have expected to be on the list is Joel Foreman, although I have not heard anything about his draft preparations or senior all-star game participation. We will have to see about him.


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