Halftime thoughts: UM 36, MSU 29

The first half was not pretty for MSU, but that’s why there is a second half.

  • Tim Hardway Jr. has not scored for Michigan, and the Spartans are playing awful defensively, but only trail seven. This is a comfort. One sustained run will win the game for MSU. They have been pulling close, then giving up a stupid foul.
  • U of M has nine free-throw attempts, with all six fouls on MSU called as shooting fouls. This is … not normal. Rarely would every foul be shooting, let alone the other team gets no fouls called on them that result in free throws.
  • If MSU doesn’t start guarding the high pick-and-roll, there is no way to win. Michigan is running it over and over. This means you, Adreian Payne and Derrick Nix.
  • Also, the offense running through Nix and Payne is good in set plays, but with Wood driving and trying to dish, it isn’t working out so well. Run the offense through the post, and look for kick-out passes for 3s.
  • Draymond Green played all 20 minutes in the first half, Keith Appling and Brandon Wood each played 17.
  • Trey Burke is really good, but all he has done is score off poorly defended pick-and-rolls. He hit a three early, but nothing else since. MSU has to stop him getting to the hoop. Make him pass the ball in pressure, he turned it over a couple times when that was executed well.
  • Michigan has nine points off five MSU turnovers.

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