Snazzy new scoreboard renderings released

MSU released the artist rendering of the proposed new Spartan Stadium scoreboards today, and let’s just say: They look pretty awesome.

The main scoreboard (depicted at right), will be located above the south endzone. Personally, my favorite part of that is the logo above it in the MSU font.

For anyone who has sat in the student section, this is a puzzling location for this scoreboard. The sun comes directly down behind that from the vantage point of the students.

It will be incredibly difficult to see on sunny fall afternoons — but it might just be the school is more concerned with the ticket holder who pay much more being able to see this board.

The second upgrade comes in the form of two smaller videoboards at the north end zone of the stadium — one in the northwest corner, one in the northeast.

These scoreboard additions are part of a facelift to Spartan Stadium with the intent of keeping up with other schools nationally, while providing a better fan experience.

In other words, the goal of this is representing MSU football as a whole in better ways to the nation, to fans, and to recruits.

The proposed additions will cost approximately $10 million. The costs, which according to the Lansing State Journal, will including a new sound system and structural improvements to the stadium, would be funded by the athletic department and through private sponsorships.

The additions would be completed by the opening of the 2012 football season.

The MSU Board of Trustees is expected to vote Friday to approve or deny these proposed changes.

The LSJ link above has additional photos of the artist renderings — they are worth checking out. (All photos are courtesy of Michigan State University).


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  1. Haha I made a post about that about a week ago! I hope they actually go through with this!

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