Wednesday Senior Bowl: Linthicum returns, Cousins continues to shine

After sitting out practice Monday, former Michigan State tight end Brian Linthicum returned to practice at the Senior Bowl on Wednesday — and performed well.

Sports Illustrated’s Tony Pauline had high praise for the talented tight end.

“TE Brian Linthicum of Michigan State sat on the sidelines yesterday, but looks terrific this morning. He moves incredibly well for a big man and is smooth in and out of his routes,” Pauline said.

Two others took their opinions to Twitter.

“#SeniorBowl B. Linthicum back after missing Tuesday and looks crazy quick for a guy who measured almost 6’4″, 250,” said Rick Pizzo, of the Big Ten Network.

“Looking the best in drills for WR, easily #NCSU T.J. Graham and#ArizonaState Gerell Robinson..  #MSU TE Brian Linthicum most mobile early on,” Beth Long, of said.

It seems reasonable to say Linthicum has the most to gain at the Senior Bowl of the three Spartans there, as he is the only one without an invitation to the NFL Combine.

Given his quarterback is there throwing to him, it only increases his chance of having a big week. Not to mention, he was underutilized for the majority of the year at MSU and now has the big stage to show more of his skills to NFL scouts.

Which, it seems he is doing — as the Indianapolis Colts were talking to him after practice Wednesday, according to

A whole lot more praise for Kirk Cousins

Following a Tuesday practice which had some experts and scouts reporting some struggles for Cousins in handling snaps from new centers and in his accuracy, he returned to a dazzling performance again Wednesday.

Cousins’ performance even had one analyst convinced he will be successful in the NFL.

“#SeniorBowl Kirk Cousins has me convinced that he will be a productive NFL starting QB. He’s making every throw look easy,” said the aforementioned Pizzo of BTN.

Pizzo was not the only one watching in Mobile that Cousins impressed Wednesday.

“Jim Zorn complimented a throw from Kirk Cousins “nice touch” #seniorbowl #chiefs,” said Shane P. Hallam of

Zorn, the quarterbacks coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, reportedly noted this multiple times on Cousins’ passes — and noticed by at least one other person in attendance.

“Kirk Cousins just threw a beautiful pass to Marvin McNutt for a long gainer. Cousins was pressured heavily by Cam Johnson of Virginia, but patiently sat in the pocket and delivered an accurate strike,” said Sports Illustrated’s Pauline.

Comments from others:

“Michigan State QB Kirk Cousins can really drive the football on out patterns.” — Charlie Bernstein of

“7 on 7: Kirk Cousins goes 5 for 6 with only miss coming on a deep 9. Some check downs, some nice intermediate completions. #SeniorBowl” — Joe Fortenbaugh of National Football Post.

“#MichiganSt QB Kirk Cousins exhibits some comfort in putting some heat on his seam-throws.” — Dion Caputi, also of National Football Post.

“Kirk Cousins looks really good. Has always had an underrated arm and underrated mobility. Tremendous leader. Will win over interviews.” — Adam Hoge of CBSChicago.

He also attracted attention from the Baltimore Ravens (via

Trenton Robinson draws more positive reviews

Robinson, an impressive player in Tuesday’s practices, continued to make a good showing Wednesday.

“#MichiganSt S Trenton Robinson has good coverage technique. Nice and compact in his movement. Also locates the football nicely.” — Caputi.

“#MichiganState FS Trenton Robinson displays quick, balanced feet, can close (without) much wasted motion, (tighter) to turn and run #seniorbowl.” — Wes Bunting of National Football Post.

“Michigan State safety Trenton Robinson performing well here. Not a big guy but good balance, instincts, doesn’t take many false steps.” — Tom Pelissero of ESPN Twin Cities.

An extra note from Tuesday’s practice from Michigan St. S Trenton Robinson was impressive and quite a fireplug. Robinson leapt for high passes and showcases a non-stop motor. Not sure how naturally athletic Robinson is and he could have been more physical with receivers too.


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