Poll Results: Which 2012 recruit is most likely to see playing time as a freshman?

After about ten days of taking feedback, here are the results as well as what Mark Dantonio had to say about each recruit at his signing day press conference:

WR Aaron Burbridge 52 votes (53 percent)

Mark Dantonio: “For the third straight year, Michigan State gets the top player, perceived top player by the media in the state of Michigan. 6-1, 190 pounds or more. I’ve seen him play tailback, corner, wide receiver. We expect him to be an immediate contributor on this football team, has great, great body control, catching ability, has size, has everything that you want as a wide receiver, breakaway threat, and comes from Harrison High School … Played for state championships and won them. Outstanding player, outstanding person, and great play ability. I can’t say enough about Aaron Burbridge as a player. If you watch him – and many of you probably already have – he’s a guy that can go the distance any time he touches the football and should be a tremendous contributor. Look for big things from him as we go.”

S Demetrious Cox 20 votes (20 percent)

MD: “Cox is a young man, very highly recruited player, plays multiple positions, played quarterback for them this year, but is a guy that plays safety, can play star for us in our nickel package. He can be a wide receiver as well. He can be a tailback. Benches 365 pounds, about 6-1, 200 pounds already. Has scored his 1,000th point in basketball. He’s a black belt in karate. Tremendous athlete, tremendous leader, I think, in the classroom and in his school. Been involved in almost every aspect of high school from drama to everything else. He truly is a leader, and I think he’s an impact player in all respects … I just can’t say enough about him. He was one of the lead guys and one of the guys that committed to us this past week. Outstanding football player. I do believe that he will be an immediate contributor. Number 7, he will play for Michigan State next year.”

WR Monty Madaris 13 votes (13 percent)

MD: “He’s a guy who’s been in our camps the last two years. He ran 4.44 (seconds in the 40-yard dash) on the grass, verticled way up there, 38, 30-plus, long-jumped 10 feet. He’s a polished wide receiver. He’s played in a big arena, a very competitive conference, with a lot of people watching him. And when he came to camp he was as polished as any receiver we had. He had a lot of opportunity to go elsewhere, he was a very highly recruited guy. He’s big, he’s 6-(foot)-1, 190 pounds and he’s tough.”

TE Josiah Price 9 votes (9 percent)

MD: “Mismatch tight end type guy. He’s a guy that weighs about 225 right now because of basketball, spent a week in Honduras doing a mission trip. Outstanding leader in his class. Has caught almost 200 footballs in his career there, 190 catches in his four year career there, for over 1,000 yards plus. More of an H guy, move guy, guy that will catch the ball very, very well down the field. A guy we had in camp, much like Evan (Jones), again fits a position in need so there’s opportunity to play. … But an all state player as well.”

Other 4 votes (4 percent)

— WR Macgarrett Kings Jr (2 votes)

MD: “Macgarrett reminds me a lot of Keshawn Martin in a lot of respects. He’s a guy that’s a great punt returner, kick returner, has size 13 shoes. About the size of Keshawn, electrifying runner and catch and receiver. He’s a guy that played tailback his junior year. He’s got the ability to run with the football. Got the ability to throw the ball. Gets in the wildcat offense as well but can do so many different things. Again, another young man that I expect will be an immediate contributor. Had over 30 some scholarship offers, committed earlier in the process, but outstanding person.”

— WR Kyle Kerrick (1 vote)

MD: “Kerrick, a young man on campus now. 6-3, 195 pounds, sitting in the back back there. Say hi, Kyle. Outstanding player. Committed to us early in the process. Took the opportunity to come in in January here. Big body wide receiver, shows tremendous acceleration, ability to catch the football. Again, because of his opportunity to come now and play in spring, should be an immediate contributor with our numbers.”

— “none, your class is a joke”

Thank you, Michigan fan! And thanks to the person who pointed out this is progress in receiving hate from Michigan fans on my blog!

Can’t wait to see how this class has done in four or five years.


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