Michigan State’s 2013 recruiting preview

The 2012 recruiting class wrapped up for Michigan State a couple weeks ago when Monty Madaris faxed in his letter of intent the day after signing day, and the focus shifted completely to the next class: 2013.

Michigan State should have about 20 scholarships — likely a couple more — available for this class.

Here is a rough breakdown of where I expect those scholarships to go:

  • One quarterback
  • Two running backs
  • Two wide receivers
  • One tight end
  • Four offensive lineman — two guards, two tackles
  • Four defensive lineman — two defensive ends, two defensive tackles
  • Two linebackers
  • One safety
  • Two cornerbacks
  • Two others

Keep in mind, these predictions are nothing more than based on what I think MSU needs in this class. But beyond “needs” this is a class in which MSU can be picky in taking the players it wants and not really stretching it just to put bodies on the roster. What MSU actually takes will be based more on the talent available than filling what I perceive to be needs.

Now, one running back and one linebacker slot have been filled so far with the early verbal commitments of Gerald Holmes and Jon Reschke. It also is possible the other running back slot will be filled soon with the rumor that R.J. Shelton might commit on his Feb. 25 visit.

The other positions will remain a focus through the next few months.

Mark Dantonio has picked up momentum recruiting out-of-state players in the past few seasons, especially Georgia and Florida. He tapped into Pennsylvania for two recruits in 2012, and consistently pulls players from Ohio. He also has gotten players from Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey and Wisconsin among others. Look for the trend of expanding the recruiting scene nationally.

The 2013 class will be a very important group for MSU. There is plenty of depth at all defensive positions, and there are a lot of bodies at wide receiver and running back — but the level of talent needs to be upgraded in this class on the offensive line, an area which Dantonio picked up three guys in 2012 for, but none considered elite.

The 2013 class also will be a little larger than the 2012 class (which took 18 commits), giving MSU that freedom to fill out depth at necessary positions. And with some nice early momentum from Holmes and Reschke, the ball is rolling and hopefully, speed picks up in the coming weeks.


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  1. I think the breakdown sounds right and glad to see we have 2 commits already

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