The upside for MSU from U-M’s big recruiting weekend

If you follow recruiting, you know what happened Saturday. Yup, that other school reeled in six four-star commitments … in a single day. Add in two more Sunday.

Unprecedented? Yes. Historic? In a way. Nice for Michigan fans? Very much so. Devastating for MSU fans? Not at all.

In fact for MSU, there are and will be positives that result from Saturday.

Michigan State has its junior day next week and now, the picture of the class of 2013 is a bit clearer for the Spartans. Offers will go out to more prospects early in the process, giving MSU ample time to reel in those players.

If the six players that committed to Michigan yesterday and two Sunday waited months to do so, MSU can’t offer as many players who might be in the next spot on their board.

Which, in reality, can make all the difference in the world. A player MSU could miss on by not extending an offer early enough now could end up a Spartan because of the knowledge of who they are no longer in on.

The offer sheet will surely change for MSU in the next week, primarily when recruits visit next weekend — and it should be very fun to watch.

Keep in mind, only three of those eight players that committed to U-M had MSU offers (Wyatt Shallman, Chris Fox and Kyle Bosch), but others likely would have received them eventually. The only one, in my opinion, that MSU had a real shot at was Bosch. Bummer. Oh well.

Don’t press the panic button, there is a lot of talent out there. Even in-state talent.

An offer already is out to offensive tackle Riley Norman (Cadillac), who is monster and rumored to be an MSU lean.

Offensive guard Cameron Dillard (Canton), who does not have an offer at this time, will probably get one very soon.

That door opening could be a result of this weekend and the haul brought in by Brady Hoke — which he really needs to bring in because of a lack of depth at many positions.

So, while Hoke is picking up some recruits, MSU already has talent at those positions ON THE FIELD and waiting in the wings. Think about the redshirt of five-star 2011 linebacker Lawrence Thomas, while partly because of injury, he has four years of eligibility remaining. He was part of a class in which all but one player redshirted.

That’s great depth. So, here we are talking about the class of 2013, meaning the earliest any of these players can see the field is the fall 2013, if they ever do. Football games are not won in February, they are won in the fall and on the field.

And if you can remember one thing: Dantonio is an incredible evaluator of talent. He will get the players he wants, at the position he wants, and they will be the best fit for MSU.

If you want to believe MSU cannot reel in the big five-star prospects, be my guest, but you have to agree with this: Whatever they are doing is working — and working very, very well.


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  1. Sparty nooooo!

  2. This might be the lamest silver lining ever.

  3. Spot on analysis. I’ll worry about UM when they actually beat us, which could happen in 3 or 4 years from now, maybe! State’s program is so far ahead of UM it’s not even close. While MSU will vie for another B10 Championship, the Walvies will be calling for Hoke’s head after a dreadful 6-6 campaign next year.

  4. Doesn’t UM have like a 35 game advantage in the series?

  5. this will be State’s second straight mediocre class, if you believe that it doesn’t make a difference, have another sip of kool aide, the days of top in state talent going green are gone, get used to three stars

  6. So MSU is “far ahead” of a team that goes 11-2 and wins the Sugar Bowl?? Get back to me when you realize the ignorance of that particular piece of logic…

  7. The Black Knight

    Merely a flesh wound…

  8. Allow me to troll for a second, enjoy the time now when you can say “They recruit better, but at least we beat them on the field the last X years in a row” because coming very soon we’ll beat you in recruiting and on the field, just like most every other year since this rivalry began

  9. Rivals rankings the last few years for football.
    2011: UM #21, MSU #31
    2010: UM #20, MSU #30
    2009: UM #8, MSU #17
    2008: UM #10, MSU #47
    2007: UM #12, MSU #42

    Let’s see what happens over the next few years before there’s any panic about UM’s strong recruiting weekend.

  10. For those of you who don’t understand MSU’s recruiting please read this article.

  11. I appreciate the author stepping back from the weekend to evaluate it’s meaning for MSU. U-M secured talented players, yes, but now MSU in some respects has one less competitor on the trail. This will assist greatly in Michigan/Ohio recruiting. Don’t ignore this point.

    Removing one regional recruiting option should narrow the focus of pursued talent. When Texas loads up early every year, it allows the other D-1 schools in the state to respond in a timely fashion. What they do with it is on them, but I trust Dantonio’s eye to fill a roster.

    A slew of well-regarded recruits committed to U-M early in the process. Does that mean they are better? No, there’s nothing to compare them to- MSU has only taken two players. U-M tends to secure higher rated commits, but let’s not completely ignore Dantonio’s eye for talent and player development, like so many of the uneducated like to do. He does more with 4 or 5 four-star classes than many teams with 10-15 (see Georgia this year).

    MSU basketball is #1 in the Big Ten right now. Does that mean every other B1G team can’t secure talented players to fit their system? U-M basketball is a perfect counterpoint to what many U-M fans preach, minus the sustained success of MSU football. They’ve built a relevant program without much star power.

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