Let Delvon Play

March is consistently a very fun month for Michigan State fans.

It brings the NCAA Tournament, which the Spartans tend to be in — to the tune of 14 years in a row right now.

It brings the chance to lock up conference championships, which is the case this Sunday against Ohio State.

And it brings Senior Night, and the chance for fans to show their appreciation for the players who gave their all through their Michigan State careers.

No player comes to mind more when you think of someone who gave their all than Delvon Roe. Through multiple knees surgeries from his senior year of high school until he finally hung it up before the start of this season, he never stopped going.

He only stopped when his body wouldn’t let him go anymore.

Now, Tom Izzo wants to have Roe dress for Senior Night so he can follow in the footsteps of previous seniors and kiss the “S” at center court as he leaves for the last time.

He, and Michigan State, want to give a kid the chance to hear the praise of the fans who adored his work ethic and hard-nosed play for three years, through the pain and through the injuries. Roe represents what college athletics at its finest can be: a player so committed to his trade that personal pain is less important than the team gain.

Problem is: the NCAA has strict rules on amateur status, while MSU concluded likely would prevent Roe from dressing because of his career as a professional actor.

Still, on Wednesday, Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis contacted the NCAA to attempt to get a potential waiver for Roe so he can dress Sunday.

Izzo has stated MSU will have him honored either way, but they are seeking the waiver for him to be honored by making a brief appearance in the game and go out like MSU seniors do.

If the NCAA turns down the waiver, Roe will be honored in the ceremonies. But MSU and its fans want more than that. Roe deserves more than that — because even in this he is taking on a team-first attitude just as much as he ever did when he was playing.

“It’s not about me lets worry about wrappin up this big10 title OUTRIGHT!! let the NCAA do (their) job.” Roe tweeted.

His words when he announced his retirement embodied even more his love of the game.

“This is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make,” Roe said in a statement. “It feels that I’ve been playing through pain throughout my career at MSU, but the daily grind of basketball — the running, cutting, jumping — has finally taken its toll given the intensity required to play at our level.”

The hardest decision he ever had to make.

It shouldn’t be a hard decision for the NCAA to make. Let Delvon Play.


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