Update: Roe will take part in tribute, not play in game

No sooner had I published a post on why Delvon Roe should be allowed to make an appearance in the Spartans’ game against Ohio State, just for the purpose of getting the much earned applause and recognition, than athletic director Mark Hollis took to his Twitter account with the finality of the situation.

“Looking forward to @delvonroe10 (Delvon Roe) being part of Sunday on-court tribute along with current seniors on the team. … The NCAA staff provided great compassion in allowing Delvon to participate in a way that Coach Izzo, Delvon and I desired. … MSU did not submit a reinstatement request that could have possibly allowed Delvon to step onto the court during competition. … The focus of Delvon and the entire MSU community is on a B1G title. We love the support. Distractions must be placed on the shelf,” Hollis tweeted in four parts.

“Delvon will be on the bench, take part in our senior recognition, and at some point have an opportunity to kiss center court at the Bres,” Hollis later added.

“@MSUAD (Mark Hollis) I am looking forward to it and honored to have you as an AD you truly care for the players in ALL sports. Thanks Again #respect,” Roe responded.

So, Roe won’t play and it sounds like MSU knew that was not in the cards as it did not submit a request to allow Roe to participate in the game. At the least, Roe will receive his jersey framed on-court before the game with Draymond Green, Anthony Ianni, Austin Thornton and Brandon Wood.

Roe also will be on the bench, whether in street clothes or in uniform is unknown, but it really doesn’t matter at the end of the day. He will be there.

This much Hollis did establish: What participation Roe has is what MSU, Izzo and Hollies desired and the NCAA “provided great compassion” to allow that to happen.

No matter the way it happens, Roe will get his credit and thanks from Spartans fans and it will make for a special Senior Day as MSU plays for the Big Ten Championship outright.


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