About The Little Brother

The Little Brother Blog is dedicated to all things Michigan State sports.

From football to baseball, basketball to hockey, recruiting to alumni in the professional ranks, The Little Brother Blog is your place for news on your Spartans. It is my goal to bring breaking news to Spartans fans before anyone else, so you can always be up-to-date on the very latest.

It’s a blog with commentary and news and a mix of both. Any feedback is welcome.

About the name “The Little Brother”

Michigan State fans remember the comments made by Mike Hart in 2007. While that is where the name started, that is not the thought behind this blog’s name.

I chose the name “The Little Brother Blog” because I came to embrace the role of being “Little Brother.” When you think about a little brother, it is someone who punches back and fights back when its put down or has something to prove. It’s about being scrappy, and it’s about never stopping and playing with a chip on your shoulder. It’s about how a little brother finds the weakness in their older siblings’ armor and attacking that exact spot — with the little brother outsmarting and taking down big brother.  I think Michigan State teams — especially the football team — embody the mentality of the relentless fight of a little brother, and that is why it is the name of my blog. It’s a positive outlook on our teams and sports program as a whole.

Go Green!

  1. Good site, lots of great content. I’m always happy to frequent and support Spartan blogs.

    But I have to say, I’m not so sure about that name! Hopefully, your motto is, “Big Brother dies first.”

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